Well the new year is already in full swing and we are excited about it over at Signal Sciences.  As we finished last year we reviewed some of our favorite articles and shows on the Modern Security Series.  In this short post we want to recap a few of our favorites.
  1. We found out that InfoSec has a secret and and broke down how we protect the wrong things and we slow down the business.  This article was really popular InfoSec Confession: We Protect the Wrong Things and We Slow Everything Down.
  2. The web application firewall market hasn't kept up with modern times.  One of our industry vetrans, Brian Greene breaks it down for you in Legacy WAF and the Changing Landscape of Web Defense
  3. At Signal Sciences, many of our customers are following agile and devops principles with CI/CD times of multiply deploys a day to production. In The Rehabilitated Security SDLC we show how your web application defense has to change with it.
  4. To play on this theme of changes in the modern era of software development, we wrote an article on the Top 5 AppSec Needs in the Modern Era which was really popular.
  5. Since our company thrives in creating a feedback loop for security we did a little 2 part series on Feedback Loops: Seeing the Invisible: Part 1 Part 2
  6. DevOps is on everyone's lips and is often the catalyst of change in many organizations.  Security is playing catchup in many ways.  We wrote this post and later this book on the topic.
  7. Lastly, we did a series on The Future of DevOps and Security which featured four stories around the themes of DevOps and Security.  You don't want to miss this series as it is jam-packed with references and illustrations that will help you on your DevOps journey. 

We are looking forward to an exciting 2017 and we will be bringing even more appsec and devops stories your way!  Here is a download button for that book we wrote on DevOps and Security, be sure to check it out.

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