Web Application Security

Strengthening Your Defenses Against API Abuse

Liz Hurder July 12, 2019

Securing Technology Innovators' Web Layer Assets

Liz Hurder June 28, 2019

Virtual Patching the Signal Sciences Way

Virtual Patches: Security Duct Tape Let’s get serious for a minute. Virtual Patching is Cyber duct t...

Cody Wood June 18, 2019

Signal Sciences Launches Next-Gen WAF Support for Envoy

August 6, 2019 - Today we’re excited to announce the general availability of support for Envoy. Sign...

Brendon Macaraeg May 30, 2019

The Ugly Truth of Retail Fraud and Account Takeovers

Human nature can be very ugly to witness, especially when the resulting damage is self-inflicted. Th...

Brendon Macaraeg May 17, 2019

Testing CVE Mitigation in Web Apps


Phillip Maddux May 3, 2019

Security Opportunities and Demands of Digital Transformation

As a customer-focused organization, we listen carefully to how organizations are dealing with Digita...

Andrew Peterson April 26, 2019

Protecting Business Critical APIs with Proactive Visibility

APIs provide a critical connective tissue between software components and the organizations that rel...

Brendon Macaraeg March 29, 2019

Modern Software Architectures Require Modern Web Security

There’s just no way around it: legacy web application firewalls are struggling to keep up in a lands...

Brendon Macaraeg March 22, 2019

Modern Web Security Meets Modern Load Balancing with NGINX

NGINX Certifies Signal Sciences Dynamic Module DevOps, microservices, hybrid and multi-cloud are fue...

Brendon Macaraeg March 15, 2019

See More, Do More with an AppSec Force Multiplier

  There’s an Effectiveness Scale for security teams: some sit on the “Highly Effective” side, while ...

Brendon Macaraeg March 1, 2019

Preventative Measures to Secure the Healthcare Industry

Each of us are represented by a collection of data. In the healthcare industry, this data includes p...

Brendon Macaraeg February 27, 2019

Protecting Financial Applications at Scale

Picture this: you’ve found the perfect home, but need financing. You select a lender online and begi...

Brendon Macaraeg January 31, 2019