Why Rugged Matters in the Dev, Sec, and Ops Discussion

Last week we discussed how security and continuous delivery can be traveling companions, this week I...

James Wickett July 6, 2017

Traveling Companions: Continuous Delivery and Security

Security and Continuous Delivery. They are unlikely friends because security has historically taken ...

James Wickett June 20, 2017

‘Security is not a Binary Event’ and other Truisms of Modern Security

  Off. On. Hacked. Not hacked. Safe. Vulnerable. It is easy to think in these terms because it allow...

James Wickett June 7, 2017

About Signal Sciences Labs

Signal Sciences Labs is the research and tech behind Signal Sciences and their Next-Gen Web Applicat...

James Wickett April 17, 2017

DevSecOps: Embracing Automation, Letting Go of Tradition

I am all for traditions like Thanksgiving turkey and Sunday afternoon football, but holding onto tra...

Tyler Shields March 21, 2017

DevOops: Redux - Modern Security Series

DevOps toolchains are transforming Modern IT, but hackers can undermine their benefits through poorl...

Signal Sciences January 24, 2017

Using Signal Sciences with Kubernetes

One of the questions I hear regularly from customers is how to include Signal Sciences with some of ...

Douglas Coburn January 19, 2017

We Found These 7 Gems in the Archives

Well the new year is already in full swing and we are excited about it over at Signal Sciences.  As ...

James Wickett January 6, 2017

A Review of the Modern Security Series

Wow, 2016 was a busy year over at Signal Sciences, we doubled the size of our team, helped dozens of...

James Wickett January 3, 2017

All Day DevOps Conference on Nov 15th

All Day DevOps ( is happening on November 15th, 2016. It’s a 100% onlin...

Signal Sciences October 26, 2016

Top Ten Tweets of AppSecUSA 2016

AppSecUSA 2016 wrapped up last week. To recap the event, we have captured what we think are the Top ...

Signal Sciences October 18, 2016

Modern Security Series: Dangers of DevOps Monotheism

Don’t miss this event, register here >

Signal Sciences October 17, 2016

Top 5 AppSec Defense needs in the Modern Era

Spinning the Top 5 AppSec Defense needs in the Modern Era, Casey Kasem style. The world has been doi...

James Wickett September 13, 2016