CISO Challenges and Security's New Path with Zane Lackey

Last week, Zane Lackey, CSO / Co-Founder of Signal Sciences and O’Reilly author, sat down with Help ...

Signal Sciences December 19, 2018

What the DevSecOps 2018 Survey Results Really Mean for Developers and Security

The 2018 DevSecOps Community Report is out and for those following the growth of DevOps and it’s sub...

James Wickett June 21, 2018

DevOps Notes from the Field


James Wickett May 24, 2018

DevOps (and DevSecOps) Predictions for 2018

This article originally appeared on, written by Signal Sciences' James Wickett. [Read an ...

James Wickett January 5, 2018

Q&A: CSO Zane Lackey Discusses Industry Highlights, DevOps & Security Trends, and What to Expect in 2018


Juanita Mo December 19, 2017

Security is in Crisis and a New Journey Begins

Last month in San Francisco, the DevOps tribe gathered under the umbrella of DevOps Enterprise Summi...

James Wickett December 7, 2017

DevOps and Security in Practice at Chef - A Case Study

Chef’s mission is to help transformative companies become fast, efficient, and innovative software-d...

Jennie Duong November 29, 2017

Embedding Web Application Security Into Retail DevOps - A Case Study

According to the 2017 Verizon Data Breach Report, the Retail and Accommodation industries combined a...

Jennie Duong November 21, 2017

DevOps School is now in Session!

Over the last 12 months, I (James Wickett) have been working on a really exciting project to help ma...

James Wickett October 20, 2017

Go Development Tools for Testing and Hot Reloading

Those new to the Go language (golang) often are excited about the simplicity, speed and portability ...

James Wickett September 12, 2017

Securing Microservices and APIs with NGINX and Signal Sciences

A shift is happening in the tech industry: monolithic web applications are being decomposed into mic...

James Wickett September 8, 2017

Starting the Avalanche: Application DoS In Microservice Architectures

This upcoming Modern Security Episode will introduce you to one of the most devastating ways to caus...

Signal Sciences September 5, 2017

Practical Tips for Defending Web Applications In The Age Of DevOps

We are excited to announce an encore presentation by Zane Lackey, CSO of Signal Sciences, of his tal...

Signal Sciences August 7, 2017