Six Reasons Why Application Defense Doesn’t Always Belong at the Edge

CDNs (content delivery networks) were a great invention. Put pieces of content at the edge of the network to speed up distribution and take ...

Why Logs aren’t Enough for Security

James Wickett
Feb 09

Understand Your Risk with Data

Unmodified Original Comic : Scott Adams The operative word in the definition of risk is potential. Potential implies a gradient; shades of ...
Tyler Shields
Oct 06

Hacking the Hard Way at the DerbyCon CTF

DerbyCon in Louisville is one of those conferences that you have to go back to every year. While the conference hosts a ton of great talks, ...

It’s Conference Season

It’s that time again…we’ve sent our kids back to school, football season has started, and now we’re gearing up for conference season. If it ...

Top 5 AppSec Defense needs in the Modern Era

Spinning the Top 5 AppSec Defense needs in the Modern Era, Casey Kasem style. The world has been doing AppSec for years now. In fact, lots ...
James Wickett
Sep 13

Feedback Loops: Seeing the Invisible (Part 2 of 2)

Seeing the Invisible In our last article we discussed feedback loops and taking a defensive thinking approach. We identified three key ...
James Wickett
Jul 21

Lunch & Learn Series: AppSec Use Cases. What The Hell Is The Difference Between NGWAF, WAF, and RASP?

July 28, 2016 — Lunch & Learn Webinar with Signal Sciences Another Signal Sciences’ Lunch and Learn Series is happening this month! It’s a ...

The Legacy WAF Status Quo: User Expectations Are Changing

sta·tus quo - stādəs ˈkwō/ - noun the existing state of affairs, The “existing state of affairs” is changing in the web application ...
Brian Greene
Mar 29

Video: James Wickett at GOTO London

James Wickett, Sr. Engineer at Signal Sciences, gave this talk at GOTO Conference in London last fall and the videos were made public just ...

Replay: Nick Galbreath at GOTO London

Nick Galbreath, CTO of Signal Sciences, spoke at GOTO Conference in London last fall and the videos were made public just a few weeks ago. ...

Security in an Agile and DevOps World

Recently I was able to join a panel for SecCasts Live hosted by Ken Johnson (@cktricky) at nVisium.
James Wickett
Dec 18

Rugged Software Engineering from LASCON

I may be a little biased because I co-founded the conference back in 2010, however, one of my favorite conferences is the Lonestar ...
James Wickett
Dec 11

Welcome to the Signal Sciences Labs!

While running security engineering at Etsy we were often faced with the fact that security products on the market didn’t solve the real ...