DevSecOps: Embracing Automation, Letting Go of Tradition

I am all for traditions like Thanksgiving turkey and Sunday afternoon football, but holding onto traditions in your professional life can ...
Tyler Shields
Mar 21

Safely Removing the Last Roadblock to Continuous Delivery with Shannon Lietz

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A Reference Model for DevOps

The world needs a reference for collecting common DevOps principles and practices that are currently being used. To that end we’ve created ...
James Wickett
Jun 16

The Flow of Continuously Delivered Security

the future… it probably wont look like this ( source) Continuous Delivery meets Security and magical things happen. It’s in this brave new ...
James Wickett
May 24

Lunch & Learn Series: AppSec Pipelines — Taking the best of Agile, DevOps and CI/CD into your AppSec Program

Another Signal Sciences’ Lunch and Learn Series is happening this month! It’s a webinar series geared for practitioners. Every month we are ...

InfoSec’s New Mandate: Silo Smashing and Feedback Loop Amplification

Photo Credit: MSNBC Media I have reached the age where friends are getting roles like CISO or Director of Security or Senior Architect. All ...
James Wickett
Mar 24

The Rehabilitated Security SDLC

How is it that as we, as security practitioners, refuse to think differently about how we secure our applications? For the better part of ...
Tyler Shields
Mar 17

We’re not your typical vendor.

After two years of heads down product development and eight months of general release, I’m excited to announce the public launch of Signal ...
Feb 25