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What’s in a Name? RASP Smells like a Rose

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”  — William Shakespeare RASP was first defined by ...
Tyler Shields
Apr 12

DevSecOps: Embracing Automation, Letting Go of Tradition

I am all for traditions like Thanksgiving turkey and Sunday afternoon football, but holding onto traditions in your professional life can ...
Tyler Shields
Mar 21

Tidal Forces and Security Disruption

  I just finished reading a wonderful piece by top notch analyst and thought leader, Rich Mogull entitled “Tidal Forces: The Trends Tearing ...
Tyler Shields
Jan 06

Understand Your Risk with Data

Unmodified Original Comic : Scott Adams The operative word in the definition of risk is potential. Potential implies a gradient; shades of ...
Tyler Shields
Oct 06


SUMMER SWAG WITH SIGNAL SCIENCES We are just getting into the heart of conference season for 2016, and with that comes the latest and ...
Tyler Shields
Jul 26

Why Services Are Eating The UNIVERSE!

This post was originally published November 2, 2015. Debatably, it has only improved in accuracy since then.
Tyler Shields
Apr 14

The Rehabilitated Security SDLC

How is it that as we, as security practitioners, refuse to think differently about how we secure our applications? For the better part of ...
Tyler Shields
Mar 17

The Elusive Unicorn of the New AppSec

As the brainchild of the development and operations departments of your business, DevOps is the unicorn of your domain. Why? Like the ...
Tyler Shields
Feb 16

Four Steps Towards Better Incident Response

Incident Response: 95% boredom and 5% sheer terror At one point in my career, I was an incident response (IR) handler for one of the ...
Tyler Shields
Feb 05

Security Visibility: If You Can’t See ’Em, You Won’t Stop ‘Em!

Brought to you by Signal Sciences.
Tyler Shields
Jan 11