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Making security visible. Our product helps you prioritize your defensive efforts where your applications are actually targeted.

Bug Bounties and NGWAF: 1 + 1 = 3

Return on Investment—ROI. Sales departments have to show it, marketing departments have to show it, ...

Signal Sciences April 22, 2016

Lunch and Learn Series: Building a Modern Security Organization

The Signal Sciences’ Lunch and Learn Series is starting this month. It’s a webinar series geared for...

Signal Sciences April 19, 2016

Lean Security: Add Business Value without Bringing Waste

Just a screenshot, scroll down for the real video! This presentation was given at DevOps Connect: Ru...

Signal Sciences March 22, 2016

Silver Lining for Miles: DevOps for Building Secure Solutions

    Zane Lackey and @andrewbecherer Andrew Becherer (DataDog) and Zane Lackey (Signal Sciences) gave...

Signal Sciences March 15, 2016

Meet the Signal Sciences Team @ RSA Conference 2016

Come hang with the Signal Sciences team at the RSA Conference!!! RSA Conference 2016 February 29 — M...

Signal Sciences February 18, 2016

Video: James Wickett at GOTO London

James Wickett, Sr. Engineer at Signal Sciences, gave this talk at GOTO Conference in London last fal...

Signal Sciences February 9, 2016

Business is from Mercury, and Security is from Pluto

Pluto It’s hard to ignore Mercury. Mer...

Signal Sciences February 2, 2016

Replay: Nick Galbreath at GOTO London

Nick Galbreath, CTO of Signal Sciences, spoke at GOTO Conference in London last fall and the videos ...

Signal Sciences January 13, 2016

Welcome to the Signal Sciences Labs!

While running security engineering at Etsy we were often faced with the fact that security products ...

Signal Sciences December 10, 2015