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often found at the intersection of devops and security, creator of gauntlt and author of the book: Hands-on Gauntlt

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Why Logs aren’t Enough for Security

James Wickett
Feb 09

We Found These 7 Gems in the Archives

Well the new year is already in full swing and we are excited about it over at Signal Sciences.  As we finished last year we reviewed some ...
James Wickett
Jan 06

A Review of the Modern Security Series

Wow, 2016 was a busy year over at Signal Sciences, we doubled the size of our team, helped dozens of major customers defend their web ...
James Wickett
Jan 03

Top 5 AppSec Defense needs in the Modern Era

Spinning the Top 5 AppSec Defense needs in the Modern Era, Casey Kasem style. The world has been doing AppSec for years now. In fact, lots ...
James Wickett
Sep 13

All Day DevOps Conference coming at You!

CFP and registration is now open > http://alldaydevops.com/ I am excited to announce the All Day DevOps conference happening in November. ...
James Wickett
Sep 09

How I vim for golang and more!

At Signal Sciences we use golang for just about everything. I thought I would write a little about my local vim setup and doing go ...
James Wickett
Sep 06

Feedback Loops: Seeing the Invisible (Part 2 of 2)

Seeing the Invisible In our last article we discussed feedback loops and taking a defensive thinking approach. We identified three key ...
James Wickett
Jul 21

Feedback Loops: Seeing the Invisible (Part 1 of 2)

Seeing the Invisible Seeing the invisible. When it happens in your personal life, it might be a sign you are running low on water or maybe ...
James Wickett
Jul 13

Speed up your Cadence with Continuous Delivery

deliver faster by going smaller  source How fast you can deliver software has earned bragging rights in the DevOps world for some time now. ...
James Wickett
Jun 30

Adding Security into the DevOps Culture

celebrate together —  source The importance of culture cannot go underemphasized in DevOps. In a movement that is transforming the lives of ...
James Wickett
Jun 24

How Rugged Influences Infrastructure as Code

Last week, we released a model on DevOps and the transformation that happens in these four key areas:
James Wickett
Jun 21

A Reference Model for DevOps

The world needs a reference for collecting common DevOps principles and practices that are currently being used. To that end we’ve created ...
James Wickett
Jun 16

The Future is Now for DevOps and Security

the future is here now This is the fourth and final installment of the Future of DevOps and Security Series. Glad you made it!
James Wickett
Jun 07

The Flow of Continuously Delivered Security

the future… it probably wont look like this ( source) Continuous Delivery meets Security and magical things happen. It’s in this brave new ...
James Wickett
May 24

Avoiding the Dystopian Road in Software

the future… it probably won’t look like this. image credit Security is a largely unchanged area in IT over the last 10 years and is ripe ...
James Wickett
May 18

The Next Frontier of DevOps: Security

the future! it probably wont look like this…  source Security is the next frontier of DevOps. Its a largely unchanged area in IT over the ...
James Wickett
May 10

Classy up your curl with curl-trace

We don’t always curl.. but when we do, we curl-trace. image source Here at Signal Sciences we enjoy the finer things in life. We enjoy ...
James Wickett
May 05

More Silo Smashing Ideas, bringing InfoSec and DevOps together

Silo Smashing! (source http://ports.co.za/admin/large/image-587.jpg) Last week I wrote an article on InfoSec’s new mandate to smash silos ...
James Wickett
Apr 05

InfoSec’s New Mandate: Silo Smashing and Feedback Loop Amplification

Photo Credit: MSNBC Media I have reached the age where friends are getting roles like CISO or Director of Security or Senior Architect. All ...
James Wickett
Mar 24

InfoSec Confession: We protect the wrong things and we slow everything down

One of the secrets of InfoSec is that while we are spending a lot of resources on security professionals, security technology and ...
James Wickett
Mar 10