Brendon Macaraeg

Brendon Macaraeg is Director of Product Marketing at Signal Sciences. Previously with CrowdStrike and Symantec, he focused on evangelizing and marketing security offerings. Outside of work, Brendon keeps busy with his wife and kids enjoying outdoor activities.

Protecting Business Critical APIs with Proactive Visibility

APIs provide a critical connective tissue between software components and the organizations that rel...

Brendon Macaraeg March 29, 2019

Modern Software Architectures Require Modern Web Security

There’s just no way around it: legacy web application firewalls are struggling to keep up in a lands...

Brendon Macaraeg March 22, 2019

Modern Web Security Meets Modern Load Balancing with NGINX

NGINX Certifies Signal Sciences Dynamic Module DevOps, microservices, hybrid and multi-cloud are fue...

Brendon Macaraeg March 15, 2019

See More, Do More with an AppSec Force Multiplier

  There’s an Effectiveness Scale for security teams: some sit on the “Highly Effective” side, while ...

Brendon Macaraeg March 1, 2019

Preventative Measures to Secure the Healthcare Industry

Each of us are represented by a collection of data. In the healthcare industry, this data includes p...

Brendon Macaraeg February 27, 2019

A Visual Guide to Cloud Native Security Challenges

Security industry reports are great at providing necessary context around complex topics. We read pl...

Brendon Macaraeg February 21, 2019

The WAF Appliance Struggle is Real in a Cloud Native World

The Trabant, a once popular car in the former Eastern Germany, is emblematic of both inferior techno...

Brendon Macaraeg February 14, 2019

Protecting Financial Applications at Scale

Picture this: you’ve found the perfect home, but need financing. You select a lender online and begi...

Brendon Macaraeg January 31, 2019

Cloud Native Security Challenges and Opportunities

Cloud computing is often the cornerstone of digital transformation efforts, and with the growth of c...

Brendon Macaraeg January 24, 2019

7 Ways to Deploy Signal Sciences in Kubernetes

Sports coaches used to rely on paper playbooks to review strategy with their teams. Now, many levera...

Brendon Macaraeg January 9, 2019

Signal Sciences Named a 2018 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Web Application Firewalls

Brendon Macaraeg December 17, 2018

Why Customers Choose Signal Sciences

Brendon Macaraeg December 13, 2018

Surfacing Key Indicators of Account Takeovers

  Account takeover (ATO) is a threat to any organization that conducts financial or e-commerce trans...

Brendon Macaraeg November 29, 2018