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Signal Sciences revolutionizes application security with the first Web Protection Platform (WPP), bringing real-time protection to both security and engineering teams.

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Securing Microservices and APIs with NGINX and Signal Sciences

A shift is happening in the tech industry: monolithic web applications are being decomposed into mic...

James Wickett September 8, 2017


Starting the Avalanche: Application DoS In Microservice Architectures

This upcoming Modern Security Episode will introduce you to one of the most devastating ways to caus...

Signal Sciences September 5, 2017

Cloud Security

Detect and Defend Account Takeovers

The storyline is a familiar one — millions of accounts compromised, data leaked to the internet, sol...

James Wickett August 10, 2017

Cloud Security

Practical Tips for Defending Web Applications In The Age Of DevOps

We are excited to announce an encore presentation by Zane Lackey, CSO of Signal Sciences, of his tal...

Signal Sciences August 7, 2017

Next Gen WAF

0 to 100 mph: Accelerating Visibility for Application Security

In a drag race, how quickly you get off the line sets the tone for the race. From there it is all ab...

Phillip Maddux July 21, 2017

Information Security

Business Logic Flaws

  Protect Your Unique Snowflake from the Dark Side  I haven’t always been a “business” guy. As a mat...

Tyler Shields July 17, 2017

AppSec/DevOps Events

Meet Signal Sciences this Summer during Black Hat / Def Con!

Signal Sciences is thrilled to participate in this month’s upcoming Black Hat and Def Con festivitie...

Kooper Macleay July 10, 2017

Cloud Security

Why Rugged Matters in the Dev, Sec, and Ops Discussion

Last week we discussed how security and continuous delivery can be traveling companions, this week I...

James Wickett July 6, 2017