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Signal Sciences revolutionizes application security with the first Web Protection Platform (WPP), bringing real-time protection to both security and engineering teams.

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AppSec/DevOps Events

Signal Sciences at SpringOne Platform 2017

Signal Sciences is proud to be presenting at this year’s SpringOne Platform conference in San Franci...

Andrea Swaney October 31, 2017


DevOps School is now in Session!

Over the last 12 months, I (James Wickett) have been working on a really exciting project to help ma...

James Wickett October 20, 2017

Next Gen WAF

Signal Sciences WPP Provides the Broadest Language Support; Adds New Language to RASP Module

  Application security needs to work with developers – or get left behind. To facilitate this alignm...

Jennie Duong October 11, 2017


RASP Value Is Security Coverage

As an former engineer, I am biased towards getting excited around toys that blink, light up, and are...

Tyler Shields October 6, 2017

Information Security

Signal Sciences Joins Splunk Adaptive Response Initiative

From alerts to actions: Signal Sciences Joins Splunk Adaptive Response Initiative to bring powerful ...

Andrea Swaney September 25, 2017

Information Security

What Can We Learn from the Equifax Breach?

Here we go again. Another massive data breach has exposesd extremely sensitive personal information,...

Andrew Peterson September 14, 2017


Go Development Tools for Testing and Hot Reloading

Those new to the Go language (golang) often are excited about the simplicity, speed and portability ...

James Wickett September 12, 2017


Securing Microservices and APIs with NGINX and Signal Sciences

A shift is happening in the tech industry: monolithic web applications are being decomposed into mic...

James Wickett September 8, 2017